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Chapter One : Myself

Allysha gets down from her luxurious limousine in front of a Girl Dormitory. She opens her black lens glasses while she’s starring at the big building. Starting next week, she’ll stay here. This building has six floors. Four floors to stay, fifth floor to do laundry, and sixth floor for water saver that flows around the dorm. The garden in front of the building is so beautiful with cutted-grass on the left and right side the building. There’s also an extensive parking area. Allysha only standing on the park, she don’t enter the dorm.

“How’s it, Lady?” asked Mr. Yayat, an oldman with gray hair and mustache. He’s one of the the accomplice Allysha’s Family.

“Good,” answered Allysha without any expression. “The size of the room?”

“Four meter square, Lady.”

“Another facilities?”

“Bed and the wardrobe combine with the desk for studying.”

Allysha a little bit surprise when she listened to the room facility was out of her thought. “How about the bathroom?”

“The bathroom is outside the bedroom. There four sharing bathrooms behind the kitchen. Only a shower and toilet inside.”

“Hot water and bathtub?”

Mr. Yayat shook his head.

Allysha grumbled. “No way. I don’t want to stay in the place like this!!” she’s furied. “I need to talk to my brother. We go home NOW!”

Mr. Yayat and the other accomplices obey Allysha to take her home. Allysha is Salman Al-Farishi’s daughter, an entrepreneur and also an owner of the one of the biggest Petroleum Company in the world. He also one of the richest man in the world. From her name, we know that she was a descendant of an Arabian whose skin so brightly white, pointed nose , brown eyes, and using veil. Her parent died since she was a little. Her Dad died because of sickness two years after her mother’s death. Unfortunately, she never remember why did her mother died. Perhaps, because of that day, Allysha still very young.

Allysha live with her big brother, Muhammad Haekal Al-Farishi. Haekal inherits all og his father’s company. Like a King, he has a private accomplice who manage everything he needs include company. Haekal just monitor his company cash flow from home or come to the office occasionally. He trusted his accompliace badly. Also, he has to look after his lovely sister, Allysha.

Allysha arrived at her home. The house like a big castle in the middle town. The garden is so big and full of flower planted orderly by the gardeners. The house has two marble floors and the fishpond with the beautiful fountain in the middle of first floor. House furniture almost all imported from Europe. There’s a big luxury crystal lamp hang on the center of the house. Allysha’s arrival always welcomed by six maids who open the door.

“Where’s Bang Haekal?” asked Allysha. (‘Bang’ used to address big brother in Indonesian way)

“Still having lunch, our Lady.”

Allysha walk directly to the private dining room. Her house has two dining rooms, one for entertain the guests, one for private. The dining room for guest can entertain up to one hundred guests, however the private dining room only have four chair for their family. When their parent still alive, that four chairs full of family member. Now, only two left.

The maid open the dining room door. Allysha seeing her brother still having lunch. Mr. Iqbal and Mr. Irham stay beside him. This two accomplice have the same position as Mr. Yayat.

“Bang,” called Allysha a little bit angry.

Haekal look up, “Already home? How’s the dorm?”

“The room only four meters square?”

“Then?” Haekal still continuing his lunch.

“Ouuh, come on. That room even smaller than my bathroom, Bang. I can’t sleep there!”

“Well, the most important is there’s a bed and wardrobe. So you still can sleep.”

“Why don’t you let me stay in the Hotel?”

“Your room here far better than in the Hotel.”

“But, if the room was so small?”

Haekal gulp the water in the beautiful shot glass. “Allysha, I let you to stay there not because you can play around. But, to look for friends.”

“There’s some friends in Hotel,”

“But there’s no friends at your age. In the dorm, you’ll have friends at the same academic field and faculty as yours.”

“I don’t even care,”

Haekal hit the table. “If you don’t wanna listen to me, then you don’t need to continue your study at the public university. You study at home as you always done. HOW?”

Allysha shocked, she shook her head quickly. Since in the elementary school until high school, she had home-schooling. Mr. Yayat, Mr. Irham, and Mr. Irham invited best teachers to teach Allysha. Allysha has the black side inside her body. Since her father died, there’s no people control Allysha tightly. Like former Al-Farishi descendants, Allysha has the ability to summon the ‘Guardian’ from the other dimension.

“I’m still worry about you. It’s impossible if I have to keep eye on you every moment of your life. You need to have some friends to protect you! At least, to control your emotion. Understand?!”

“Yes!” Still fury answered. Allysha directly go outside and enter her room. Sometimes, she resentful to see her brother always angry. She’s not a little girl anymore and she can protect herself. Why she always being looked after people?

“Your highness, is it OK to angry with Lady Allysha like before?” asked Mr. Irham as she pour the water into Haekal’s glass. He still so simple as always. His thought always step ahead. “It looks like Lady Allysha very angry.”

Haekal gulp the water, “It’s OK!”

Mr. Iqbal give handkerchief to Haekal. “I think, once a while she need to be assertively warned so she not always being spoiled. I agree with your action before, Your Highness.” He always so straight forward about everything.

Mr. Irham and Mr. Iqbal are twin brothers. They are Mr. Yayat’s brother. They are Al-Farishi’s loyal accomplice and also bodyguard. They trained Allysha and Haekal how to control the Guardian and teach martial arts. They followed Al-Farishi’s family since they were young ‘till their half century ages like now.

Mr. Yayat enter the dining room. “I’m sorry Your Highness, looks like I failed to convince Lady Allysha to move to the dorm.”

“It’s OK. I scolded her. Whatever it takes, she has to move to the dorm. That’s all we need, right?”

Compared to Mr. Iqbal and Mr. Irham, Mr. Yayat understand a lot about everything in Al-Farishi’s Family. Haekal make Mr. Yayat like father himself. He always discuss all the problems from small to big with Mr. Yayat. Mr. Yayat also the one who suggest Allysha to move to make she socialize.

“But Your Highness, are you sure Lady Allysha won’t make any problem?” asked Mr. Yayat. “Are you sure that Lady Allysha can control herself not to summon Guardian?”

“For that matter, honestly, I’m not sure. But, if we won’t try, we don’t know the result, right?” answered Haekal.

“How if one day Lady Allysha thinks to kill her friends?” asked Mr. Irham.

“I’ll prevent it,” answered Haekal as he gulp the water. “That’s why Daddy inherited his power to me.”


Allysha dash her body down on the luxurious fluffy bed. She’s looking around her room. Soon, she’ll leave this room. She’ll lost every luxurious facility in her room, dressing table, the big wardrobe that almost close all of her room’s wall, AC, Home Theatre, bathroom with bathtub and hot water, etc.

Allysha wake up. She’s whispering within her heart to summon the Guardian. During this time, Allysha’s friends only Guardians. That’s the thing makes Haekal worry most. She summoned Iee water guardian, Angén wind guardian, Apui fire guardian, Qylat thunder guardian, dan Bumõ earth guardian. They are five element guardian which often summoned by Allysha.

“I’ll move from this house next week,” said Allysha.

Iee’s appearance like a small little girl with two wings on its back. Its body’s color is blue. Its power related to water, ice, and snow.

Angén’s appearance like a rabbit doll and its deer face. Its body’s color is green. Its power related to wind.

Apui’s body color is red. Its appearance like a lionet and it has burning eyes. It power related to fire.

Qylat’s appearance like an armored man. The body’s color is black and it can summon thunder.

Bumõ’s appearance like an oldman whose beard’s long touch the ground. It can create an earthquake.

All of guardians summoned by Allysha only in a small shape. They transform into the monstrous thing if there’s a battle. Until now, there’s nothing happen to make them transform to the real shape. The world still so calm.

“Maybe I defend myself not to summon you all, except I was surged. So, I beg you all not to come into the real world carelessly when I stay in the new place. You can’t play around as free as here when I move. In my new house, there’s so many strangers that you all never meet before. You need to standby.”

All of the guardians nodded. Then they’re disappeared. Allysha lay down again on her bed. Unintentionally, her eyes spot at a picture hang out below the clock. There’s Mom, Dad, Allysha, and Haekal with big smile on their face. That time, Haekal still in the third grade of elementary school, while Allysha first grade. The background of this picture was a lake. Allysha never knew when did the picture taken. But, they were so happy there.


Haekal enter his room with Mr. Yayat, Mr. Iqbal, and Mr. Irham. In this room, usually Haekal monitor his company grow. The semester holiday will be ended soon, he’ll going to the university. He has to do all his work and make sure it’s all done so he can concentrate to his study completely. He is typing and signing some documents right now.

“Mr. Iqbal, you can meet all of the foreign investor tomorrow! Tell them that I only invest to the company that gives revenue at least three times a year.” Haekal gave some documents to Mr. Iqbal.

“Ok, Your Highness!” Mr. Iqbal directly headed outside the room.

“Mr. Irham,” called Haekal. “Tomorrow you have to go to Japan. Please investigate the hospital in this document. If it’s good, buy their stock!”

“Ok, Your Highness!” Mr. Irham also directly headed outside the room.

Haekal sighed. Finally everythings done. All of the work he gave to Mr. Iqbal and Mr. Irham. Both of them are the Al-Farishi’s intelligent and very smart accomplice.

Mr. Yayat gave a hot sweet tea to Haekal. He sip it. The tea made by Mr. Yayat for him is the one best homemade tea ever. It can warm up our soul.

“Thank’s Mr. Yayat!” said Haekal.

“Is there anything disturb your mind, Your Highness?”

“Allysha…,” answered Haekal softly.  “She called five elements few moments ago.”

“It’s not a wrong thing. Just to say goodbye.”

“That’s not the matter.”


“Allysha still drown into the other dimension. Can she become the normal human like others? I worry about this.”

“It’s OK. Lady Allysha still very cool to others. But she never done anything wrong up ‘til now right?”

Haekal is starring on his father’s picture on the table. “If he still alive,” whispered him. “It’ll become a very easy thing for Daddy to handle.”

“But you are Salman Al-Farishi’s son. You’ll become as powerful and also strong as your father. Or, maybe more.”

“Who knows…”

end of chapter one