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The Training

I met new people in the office. They’re so nice. And I’m grateful that I have young partners. You know, in my imagination, office is always like my father’s n the place where I had my internship. So many people, hundred or thousand people in one office. But here, we’re only 28. IT Consultant office is always fun, young, energic, and fabulous. We can go to the client site and not always staying in the office. We can travel to the other island or country just to fulfil the client’s need.

I am a Hyperion Consultant in one of the best Hyperion company. Now, I’m still in training to become a very competent consultant so I could solve every client needs about Oracle and Hyperion. You know that Oracle has acquired Hyperion, a leading provider of performance management software. The transaction extends Oracle’s business intelligence capabilities to offer the most comprehensive system for enterprise performance management. I learned so many things like I continue my study to get the master degree. It become very interesting day by day when I have to deal with somekind of software I never learnt even heard before. We’re not only study in college, but everywhere.


This Handsome

It seems like the characteristic and the behavior of the rich handsome man like Jun Pyo is appear in this world. He:

1. ran a company,

2. an inheritance from his parents,

3. well known in the world,

4. got so many award,

5. the business cost thousand dollars,

6. the most handsome man

7. the attitude is so like a Go Jun Pyo.

However, I never thought to become like Gem Jan Di. I scare if in the reality, it’ll become upside down. Let it flow…


In case, I talked to my friend when I was in the train trip to Jakarta. We talked about something about ‘human’s feeling’.  I spoke to him about so many women nowadays very care about others feeling but not me. Why? I’m also woman. But, why I don’t care about others?

Actually, this is a misunderstanding. Some people might looks well outside, but fragile inside. People can show so much care to everyone, but some people not (include me). I’ve felt broken heart, sad, happy, angry like others but not to show it directly. Just in my opinion :

1. Cool people : They’ll listen. Sometimes hard for those people to give feedback or to comment what you’re talking about. But they do remember a lot. They never miss a thing you told them.

2. Care people : This people is very good to talk. They are good listeners. But sometimes they give a lot of opinion that upside down from the reality.

3. Smart people : They’ll give so many logic in the feedback. You know that feeling is something beyond logical thought.

4. Happy people : They always cheering people when they down and also when they happy.

So, who are you guys?

Broken Heart

Friends, this post can be related to you, me, or to the people in the world. I want to post this story not because I’m in the broken heart mode : ON. It’s just because this story reminds me about so many things.

When you have a boy/girlfriend in your side, maybe you’ll feel everything belong to you two. You’ll spend everything together day and night. But, have you ever think if someday you’ll have the broken heart thing?

Once, I asked my friend where she wanna go because I saw her well dressed. Usually she have dinner with her bf. But, when I heard that she broke up with her bf , I was shocked. They were in a relationship for 4 years maybe. And now end up like nothing in 4 years happen. Oh my God!

You know, when I broke up with my bf, the lovely one, it seems that the world became so much boring. formerly, when I got money, I’ll call him to eat somewhere. When I didn’t understand the lesson in the class, I’ll call him to teach me. When I heard the news or gossip, I reach my phone again just to let him know (however it’s not an important thing). When I can’t sleep well in the night, I call him just to accompany me by listening his voice. When I was sad, he’ll listen to my story. And so many beautiful stories that I can’t tell you one by one. It really hurt when everything over. It’s just like my hand unconsciously reach the phone to tell him everything but when I realize, I just can shed my tears. We discussed about our dream in the past, but we can’t make it true together like we promise.

You know, friend and time can heal the wound. I spend almost my time by chatting and hangout with my friend and try not to remember about the past. However when I saw him in the school with the other girl, the world seems like a nightmare.

You can tell about your broken heart story here! I’ll listen to it.