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SQL Server 2005 : Create Database

  • Select Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio
  • Connect to Server using Windows Authentication

  • Connect to Server using Windows Authentication

  • Right-click on Databases. Select New Database…

  • Type Database name. Click OK.
  • The database will be created successfully.

Logon to Essbase Using Essbase MaxL Shell

We can logon to Essbase using various ways. One of them is using Maxl script. This way used because we want to export linked reporting object data. To logon to essbase, follow these steps:

  • Open command prompt
  • Type essmsh and enter. We will jump into MaxL Shell.


  • Before we logon to essbase and we try to query export database, the error will prompt.


  • To fix it, logon to essbase using script :

MAXL > login <HSS user> <HSS Password> on <server name>;

For Example :

MAXL > login admin password on localhost;


  • We already logged in to Essbase.

Linked Reporting Objects

If you are upgrading from an earlier release and an application has more than 127 linked reporting objects, perform the following procedure to export linked reporting objects before you run the Staging Tool.

Tip:  To determine how many linked reporting objects an application has, use the MAXL command query database DBS-NAME list lro all;,

for example, MAXL> query database sample.basic list lro all;


No water in The Office

Suddenly, in my office, there’s no water. That big-fabulous-cool-building, but no water. Because the AC effect, my body easy to get dry so i always drinking so much water and go to toilet. But because of no water, i have to drink as little as i can, or i have to go to the toilet in the nearest eye-hospital (actually beside my office). Maybe the security there surprised, why the hell that so many people from left building going to this hospital’s toilet??
Hopefully, tomorrow the well underground will be repaired, so the water pump will stay ON and i don’t have to go too far just looking for the toilet.

Rental House

I was looking for a house to rent in Kuningan, south Jakarta. But this isn’t for me, for my cousins. My auntie asked me to help because i live nearby. You know, because south jakarta is a business district, the cost of a house to rent is so expensive, between Rp. 30 million to unlimited. I walked down the road, turn left and right, but i didn’t find the house which the price is relevant to me. Even i asked the price of one small-bad-house was 1.6 billion rupiahs. HAH!!!
Now, almost everythings expensive. God, heeelp!!

The First Time

After several years, this is the first time I can write down a story using english language. Why with Indonesia? Yesterday, I had an interview with one of the company that I apply the work for. When I asked about my english in writting and speaking, I wrote ‘excellent’. But I wonder? Do I really that excellent in speaking ‘n writting today? It’s ok when I was in the high school because I joined the debbate team and I achived so many things and award related to english. But, when I studied in the university, I never use english anymore.

Perhaps, I kinda confused using wordpress. I believe the more we learn, the more we expert in that. I dunno which one better, blogspot or wordpress. So I try to write different story in this two blog of mine.  You can visit Meutia’s Diary written in Indonesian language. Because this blog is like a diary for me, so I wrote the beautiful places I’ve visited, the movie I watched, etc. So how about this blog? Maybe I want to provide an information that makes this blog become more knowledgable, fashionable, fabulous, etc. Still confused to write about what…

Ok, just a little story about the background. Just check it out next what happen to this blog.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!