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The First Time

After several years, this is the first time I can write down a story using english language. Why with Indonesia? Yesterday, I had an interview with one of the company that I apply the work for. When I asked about my english in writting and speaking, I wrote ‘excellent’. But I wonder? Do I really that excellent in speaking ‘n writting today? It’s ok when I was in the high school because I joined the debbate team and I achived so many things and award related to english. But, when I studied in the university, I never use english anymore.

Perhaps, I kinda confused using wordpress. I believe the more we learn, the more we expert in that. I dunno which one better, blogspot or wordpress. So I try to write different story in this two blog of mine.  You can visit Meutia’s Diary written in Indonesian language. Because this blog is like a diary for me, so I wrote the beautiful places I’ve visited, the movie I watched, etc. So how about this blog? Maybe I want to provide an information that makes this blog become more knowledgable, fashionable, fabulous, etc. Still confused to write about what…

Ok, just a little story about the background. Just check it out next what happen to this blog.