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In case, I talked to my friend when I was in the train trip to Jakarta. We talked about something about ‘human’s feeling’.  I spoke to him about so many women nowadays very care about others feeling but not me. Why? I’m also woman. But, why I don’t care about others?

Actually, this is a misunderstanding. Some people might looks well outside, but fragile inside. People can show so much care to everyone, but some people not (include me). I’ve felt broken heart, sad, happy, angry like others but not to show it directly. Just in my opinion :

1. Cool people : They’ll listen. Sometimes hard for those people to give feedback or to comment what you’re talking about. But they do remember a lot. They never miss a thing you told them.

2. Care people : This people is very good to talk. They are good listeners. But sometimes they give a lot of opinion that upside down from the reality.

3. Smart people : They’ll give so many logic in the feedback. You know that feeling is something beyond logical thought.

4. Happy people : They always cheering people when they down and also when they happy.

So, who are you guys?