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Logon to Essbase Using Essbase MaxL Shell

We can logon to Essbase using various ways. One of them is using Maxl script. This way used because we want to export linked reporting object data. To logon to essbase, follow these steps:

  • Open command prompt
  • Type essmsh and enter. We will jump into MaxL Shell.


  • Before we logon to essbase and we try to query export database, the error will prompt.


  • To fix it, logon to essbase using script :

MAXL > login <HSS user> <HSS Password> on <server name>;

For Example :

MAXL > login admin password on localhost;


  • We already logged in to Essbase.

Linked Reporting Objects

If you are upgrading from an earlier release and an application has more than 127 linked reporting objects, perform the following procedure to export linked reporting objects before you run the Staging Tool.

Tip:  To determine how many linked reporting objects an application has, use the MAXL command query database DBS-NAME list lro all;,

for example, MAXL> query database sample.basic list lro all;